Orange-Mango Water


Product Ingredient
½ medium orange, sliced
¼ cup (50 mL thin mango slices
Quick-Stir® Pitcher
1 medium orange, sliced
¾ cup (175 mL) thin mango slices
Family-Size Quick-Stir® Pitcher
2 medium oranges, sliced
1 peeled mango, thinly sliced



  1. Use the Quick Slice to slice the orange: First cut in half lengthwise, then place cut-side down to slice crosswise. Peel the mango with the Serrated Peeler. Slice the mango with the Utility Knife.

  2. Fill the bottom of the Quick-Stir® Pitcher or Infusion Water Bottle with the sliced fruit and then top with water.

  3. Plunge the pitcher to combine. To get the best flavor, refrigerate at least 20 minutes before serving. 

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