The Power of Mealtime

We believe we can have the greatest impact by helping families fill their tables and feed their hearts.
power of mealtime

How You Can Help

Turn your shopping or hosting experience with us into a mealtime win for others.

Support Food Banks Canada.

Enriching lives through mealtime is our mission but we know it’s not always a reality. Through our Round-Up from the Heart campaign, you are supporting Food Banks Canada to provide meals to people who don’t have enough on their plates.
Since 1999, $2.1 million has been raised in support of food banks across the country and Food Banks Canada
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Support Your Causes

At a fundraiser party, you’ll bring people together to discover new recipes and cooking techniques that simplify and inspire while also giving back. Let’s raise funds for the causes close to your heart. See Fundraiser Guidelines
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Why Mealtime Matters

We believe mealtime can build happier and richer lives.

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But, with today’s expectations, we know finding a mealtime win can be difficult.

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There’s Too Much
For many, mealtime is overwhelming. Their plates are too full and there’s no energy for anything else.
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There Isn't Enough
For others, mealtime is like an empty plate, a reminder of what’s lacking.
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Confidence Is Down
High expectations and not enough time make us feel less confident in the kitchen.

That’s why we’re committed to creating more mealtime wins in every kitchen; through our consultants, products, and partners.