Everything Citrus Water



Product Ingredients
Family-Size Quick-Stir® Pitcher 1 lime, sliced
1 lemon, sliced
1 orange, sliced
Mint (optional)
Quick-Stir® Pitcher ½ lime, sliced
½ lemon, sliced
½ orange, sliced
Mint (optional)
Infusion Water Bottle 2 lime slices, halved
2 lemon slices, halved
2 orange slices, halves
Mint (optional)



  1. Use the Utility Knife to cut the lime. Use the Quick Slice to cut the lemon and oranges into slices. 

  2. Fill the bottom of the pitcher or water bottle with the sliced fruits, then top with water.

  3. Plunge the pitcher to combine. To get the best flavor, refrigerate at least 20 minutes before serving.

Cook's Tips:

The longer your water infuses, the more flavorful it will be.

For enhanced flavors, let water sit at room temperature to infuse.

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