Grilled Pita Wedges

These little bites are a tasty accompaniment for tapenades, soups, salads and other dishes.


  • 3 (6-in./15-cm) flat pita bread rounds (without pockets)
  •  Vegetable oil


  1. Heat Grill Pan over medium heat 5 minutes. Spray one side of pitas with oil using Kitchen Spritzer. Place one pita into pan, oil side down. Cook 1 minute per side or until grill marks appear; set aside and keep warm. Repeat with remaining pitas. Cut each pita into eight wedges.


  • 24 pita wedges  servings of 2 

Nutrients per serving:

U.S. Nutrients per serving: Calories 50, Total Fat 1.5 g, Saturated Fat 0 g, Cholesterol 0 mg, Sodium 85 mg, Carbohydrate 9 g, Fiber 1 g, Protein 2 g

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