Cup Slicer

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Snacking Made Simple

Slice fresh fruits and veggies fast with the Cup Slicer. Just put your food on a cutting board and place the Cup Slicer, which features five stainless steel serrated blades, above the food. Then, push it down until all your food is sliced. Pour your freshly sliced food into your cereal, a fry pan, or a bowl. And when you’re done using it, run it through the dishwasher and place the blade cover on it for safe storage.

With the Cup Slicer, you can slice up strawberries, bananas, grape tomatoes, mushrooms, or hard-boiled eggs for a quick snack. It’s a great tool for parents!

Use it to make homemade salads, stir-fries, fruit salads, and healthy cereal add-ins without all the time-consuming prep work.


  • 3-year guarantee

Product Details

  • 5 stainless steel serrated blades cut ¼'' (6-mm) slices
  • Plastic cup holds 1¼ cups (295 mL)
  • Blade cover for safe storage
  • Dishwasher-safe


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