Plastic Mixing Bowl Set

Item Number: 100726


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All the Bowls a Well-Equipped Kitchen Needs

You’ll mix up something delicious with this set—brownies, cakes, cookies, meatloaf, mashed potatoes, salads, dough, and more. A wide lip makes these bowls easily to hold and pour from any angle. Because they’re microwave-safe, you can melt butter or warm ingredients right in the bowl. They are the perfect companion when using the Immersion Blender or Hand Mixer from our  Flex+ Multi-Prep Set.. The set includes the 4-qt. (3.8-L) Plastic Mixing Bowl, 3-qt. (2.8-L) Plastic Mixing Bowl, and 2-qt. (1.9-L) Plastic Mixing Bowl. The set nests for compact storage. Dishwasher-safe.


  • 3-year guarantee

Product Details

This set includes the following items (see individual product pages for more information).

4-qt. (3.8-L) Plastic Mixing Bowl

  • Plenty of room to handle everyday cooking and baking tasks or toss a large salad.

3-qt. (2.8-L) Plastic Mixing Bowl

  • Just the right size for brownies, cookies, doughs, and pancakes.

2-qt. (1.9-L) Plastic Mixing Bowl

  • Ideal for small jobs such as combining dry ingredients or scrambling eggs.

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