Pumpkin Carving Kit

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Safely Carve Pumpkins

Carving a pumpkin shouldn’t be the scariest thing that happens at Halloween. Save that for haunted houses and spooky stories!

This carving kit includes a Scoop Loop® to easily scoop out the pulp and seeds and a sturdy knife to carve fun designs for Halloween masterpieces. The knife is also great to cut apples, sandwiches, and pancakes. Both products are dishwasher safe.

Product Details

This set contains following products. The Scoop Loop ® is also sold separately.

My Safe Cutter

  • Sturdy and safe for carving pumpkins’ smiles as well as potato eyes, bell pepper stems, and sandwich halves. The elliptical-shaped handle is designed to help keep your hand from getting too close to the stainless-steel blade. No worrying about a flimsy blade or handle that’s hard to hold onto.
  • Two-year guarantee

Scoop Loop®

  • This flexible nylon loop scoops out seeds and stringy pulp from your favorite fruits and veggies such as pumpkins, melons, tomatoes, and bell peppers.

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