Backorder Information

Below is a list of the items currently on backorder, and when we expect to ship them. We’re currently experiencing unusually long shipping time on backordered products, and we sincerely apologize for the delays. We know this isn’t the experience you’re used to or expect from Pampered Chef.

A few important notes:

  • All timeframes listed here are estimated and subject to change.
  • Due to varying product availability, certain items may ship separately from the rest of the order.
  • Items will remain on this list until all backorders of that product have been shipped.

Item # Item Name Estimated to Ship
10017810" Cast Iron SkilletLate Oct
273410" Nonstick Fry PanLate Oct
10017912" Cast Iron SkilletLate Oct
10023512" Cast Iron Skillet Meal SetLate Oct
18251-cup Prep Bowl SetMid Oct
1000901-qt. (1-L) Cool & Serve BowlLate Oct
1000081-qt. Micro-Cooker®Mid Oct
1000912.5-qt. Cool & Serve BowlLate Oct
1000092-qt. Micro-Cooker®Mid Oct
27352-qt. Nonstick Sauce PanLate Oct
17433-cup Prep Bowl SetMid Oct
15765" Utility KnifeEarly Oct
27365.25-qt. Nonstick Stock PotLate Oct
1002505.5" Cast (14-cm) Iron Skillet SetEarly Oct
26185-Section TrayMid Oct
15758" Chef's KnifeEarly Oct
27298" Nonstick Fry PanLate Oct
12048¼-cup Leakproof Glass ContainerMid Oct
9713All-Purpose Dill MixLate Oct
100099Baking RackLate Oct
100082Batter Mixer & DispenserMid Oct
100177Brownie Bite PanLate Oct
2431Classic Batter Bowl Early Oct
1176Core & MoreEarly Oct
1437Deep Covered Baker Late Oct
1447Deep Dish Pie Plate Late Oct
100174Enrichables Kale & Fiber Packet/1Mid Oct
100159Enrichables™ Kale & FiberMid Oct
2725Grilling Tool SetMid Oct
1287Infusion Water BottleMid Oct
100109Kids' Apron SetMid Oct
1472Kids' Cookie Baking SetMid Oct
1593Kitchen ShearsMid Oct
1609Knife SetMid Oct
1446Large Bar PanLate Oct
100098Large Round PlatterMid Oct
1371Large Round StoneLate Oct
2626Large Serving SpatulaMid Oct
2614Large Square Cool & Serve Late Oct
2225Measure-All® CupMid Oct
2705Meat TenderizerMid Oct
1449Medium Bar PanLate Oct
1341Medium Round Stone Late Oct
100083Medium Serving BowlLate Oct
1107Microplane® ZesterLate Oct
1444Mini Deep Covered BakerLate Oct
1602Mini Fluted Cake PanMid Oct
1606Mini Muffin PanLate Oct
2436Multicolor Kitchen Utensil SetLate Oct
100029Nonstick Double Burner GriddleLate Oct
100028Nonstick Double Burner GrillMid Oct
100236Nonstick Double Burner Grill Meal SetMid Oct
1769Pancake Blender BottleLate Oct
1387Personal Size Round StoneMid Oct
2416Pineapple WedgerEarly Oct
1303Pizza & Crust Cutter Late Oct
100013Premium Cocktail SetMid Oct
100238Quick Cooker Meal SetMid Oct
1350Rectangle StoneLate Oct
1430Rectangular BakerLate Oct
1423Rectangular BakerLate Oct
1424Rectangular Baker SetLate Oct
100237Rockcrok Grill Stone Meal SetLate Oct
3140Rockcrok® Dutch OvenLate Oct
3150Rockcrok® Grill Stone Late Oct
1342Small Ridged BakerMid Oct
2759Smooth-Edge Can OpenerEarly Oct
9714Southwestern Seasoning MixLate Oct
100154Stainless Steel Tool SetMid Oct
100106Stoneware Chip & Dip SetMid Oct
1343Stoneware Cookie SheetMid Oct
100220Stoneware Entertaining SetMid Oct
1448Toaster Oven PanMid Oct
100080Waffle Puff PanMid Oct
1379White Large Round Stone Late Oct
217A1 Cup/250ml  (#2175)Early Oct
248A3-Well Tray(#2487/#2613)Mid Oct
120D8.25cup/1.9L Lid(#1204)Mid Oct
258EClear Collar (#2585)Mid Oct
105CKnife Case (#1052)Mid Oct
158AProtective Feet/set of 4(#1587)Mid Oct

Note: Any customer can cancel their order and get a refund if they would prefer not to wait for shipment of a backordered item. Please contact the Solution Center at (800) 342-CHEF (2433) for more information.