Why You’ll Love Our Stoneware


3 Versatile Varieties

Freezer Bowl Set

Unglazed Stoneware

Our stones made with the StoneFusion formula turn out impossibly perfect crusts, juicier meats, and baked goods that are evenly browned. Our most durable stoneware yet, it’s dishwasher-safe, can be preheated, and go under the broiler. Plus, it develops a nonstick finish as you use it.

Smoothie Cup & Adapter

Partially Glazed Stoneware

These feature elegant glazed exteriors for oven-to-table ease and unglazed interiors for perfect cooking in the oven or microwave. The unglazed surfaces are made from our original stone material and will develop a natural, nonstick finish with use. Hand wash.

Nylon Straining Ladle

Glazed Stoneware

These elegant oven-to-table-to-dishwasher stones add a warm welcome to gatherings whether you’re serving weeknight pasta or a holiday showstopper. They retain heat to help keep food warm and look great on any table. No seasoning is needed, and they’re dishwasher-safe.


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