Kitchen Cleaning Set

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Kitchen Clean Up Made Easy

When you need to clean your most-loved cooking tools, cookware, and kitchen, look no further than this Kitchen Cleaning Set! With this handy 4-piece set, you can clean everything from steak knives and pitchers to hand-wash-only cookware and small appliances.

Product Details

This set includes the following items:

Easy clean around the sink and drain, along the edge of your stove, and even small appliances (like the Deluxe Cooking Blender).
The long handle lets you clean inside deep pots without getting your hands dirty, and the bristles can remove stubborn stuck-on foods. 
Clean inside pitchers, bottles, and vases with this long-handled angled brush with soft and hard bristles.

Use it closed to clean knives and other sharp utensils, or flat or clean cookware and more.