5.5" (14-cm) Cast Iron Skillet Set

Item Number: 100250



Mini Cast Iron Skillet Set

New! With this set of two adorable mini skillets, you can make individual-sized desserts, cornbread, side dishes, little pizzas, the best campfire breakfasts, crispy veggies, dips, and tasty appetizers.

Cast iron’s excellent heat retention means that food stays hot and delicious for a long time. It’s also heat-safe to 650°F (343°C) so it holds up to searing, sautéing, baking, frying, broiling, grilling, and campfire cooking. Plus, you can use metal utensils and not worry about scratching the finish. The two-handle design lets you easily lift the skillets and they nest for storage.

These skillets come preseasoned, so you can start using them right away. And their natural, nonstick surface gets better and better as you use them.

Made in the USA

Product Details

  • Each skillet: 5.5" (14-cm) diameter; 15.2 oz (450 mL)
  • PTFE-free.
  • Can be used on all heat sources (except microwave) including gas and induction stovetops, oven, grill, or campfire.
  • Pan scraper included for easy cleanup. 
  • Hand wash.


  • Lifetime guarantee


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