Brownie Bite Pan

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Best Brownie Bites Ever

This pan makes 24 mini brownies from a standard brownie mix, but this pan isn’t just for brownies. Mini muffins, cutie corn breads, and petite pound cakes are just the beginning of what you could do with this pan.

Mini-sized treats aren’t just cute, they’re a great size for kids or anyone who wants to satisfy their sweet tooth while still keeping portion sizes small.

This heavy-duty carbon steel pan holds up to all the baking you’ll want to do in it. And, the nonstick surface makes it easy to remove your baked goods and makes hand washing it feel effortless.

So, whatever you’re baking, make it mini and its fun factor goes up 100%.

Product Details

  • Twenty-four 1½" (4-cm) square wells. 11" x 16" (28 cm x 40 cm) overall.


  • Three-year guarantee for noncommercial use.


Two-Bite Brownies

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