Shipping Information & Frequently Asked Questions

We believe in excellent customer service for everyone, every time. Over the past several months, we’ve experienced a number of challenges that have impacted our ability to provide the best possible customer care.

We’ve taken action to restore and improve on our service—from expanding our Distribution Center capacity and inventory, to investing in new technology.

We’re doing all we can to get your items to you as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience while we continue working hard to improve customer service.

Below are answers to some common questions, as well as resources, that might be helpful.

You can find the answers to most questions in our Support Center.

To find information about products currently on backorder, along with their estimated ship dates, visit our Backorders page.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Our Customers

Can I adjust my order after I submit it?

Once an order is submitted, we’re not able to adjust the order to add items. You can always place another order through your consultant or on our website.

If you have a TasteBuds or Enrichables™ subscription, you can log into your account to make any adjustments before your monthly shipment.

Can I change my address, or schedule my order for pickup, after it has shipped?

You can request changes to address or requests to hold packages for pickup through the carrier's website.

Can I process my own return?

Unfortunately, we do not currently have that capability. You can contact our Solution Center at to arrange for your return, exchange or refund and we’ll be happy to help.

Can I order a replacement product?

You can order a replacement part for many of our products. You can find all our replacement parts here, or search our website for the specific product you’re looking for. If you’re looking to replace a product that has been discontinued, it’s no longer available for purchase (but you can check in our outlet, which includes some of our recently discontinued items).

How do I know if my product is still under guarantee?

To verify your product’s specific guarantee, search for it on the website or check the use and care that came with your product. You can review information on guarantees and returns information here. Our guarantee covers items that have defects in materials or workmanship. The guarantee does not cover items damaged due to misuse (damage to usage outside of use and care guidelines), accidental damage (such as the item being dropped), or items damaged due to acts of God (flood, fire, etc.).

If you need to call us regarding your guarantee, please have the item with you for identification and have as much of the following information available: Order number, consultant who you purchased the product through, host name, your name at time of purchase, your address, email address and contact information. You can also email us at including the information requested above, along with a photo of the item (for cookware pieces please include both the top and bottom of the pans).

How can I find a consultant?

On our homepage, you’ll see “Find a Consultant” in the upper left-hand corner on a smartphone (or the upper right-hand corner on a desktop.) You can search for a consultant by location or by name.

How are you keeping your Distribution Center safe?

The health and safety of our coworkers, customers, and communities is our top priority. We’re closely following official recommendations from the World Health Organization, Center for Disease Control, and government. As part of that, we’ve increased the frequency of regularly scheduled cleanings and sanitization efforts in our Distribution Center, and we’re requiring anyone who enters the building to have their temperature checked, wear a mask, and follow strict social distancing guidelines.

These new safety measures take time, so please be patient with us as we navigate new ways of working.

Our Team

How are you taking care of your teams?

Distribution Center employees are receiving increased pay at this time.

Our Community

What are you doing to give back?

Pampered Chef has an existing partnership with the Breast Cancer Society of Canada whose research delivers real, measurable results to patients across Canada. We also support Food Banks Canada, which provides food to people in need through its member food banks. You can learn more about our charitable partnerships and how to get involved here.