Monster cakes


  • 1 9 oz (275 g) box cake mix (or 1 2/3 cup from a regular package)(plus ingredients to prepare according to package)
  • 1 can frosting
  •  green food coloring
  •  black food coloring
  •  black jelly candies


  1. Prepare a cake mix and tint green to your desired color. Bake according to the package directions in a Deluxe Mini-Muffin Pan. Once cooled, use a Coated Bread Knife to slice off the rounded cupcake tops to create a flat surface. Do it while they’re still in the pan to slice them all at once!  

  2. Invert one cupcake onto another, “gluing” them together with green-tinted frosting. Use the Easy Accent Decorator with writing tip, along with some black-tinted frosting, to help create Frankenstein’s face, scar and hair. A couple of black jelly candies make perfect neck bolts. Then they’re ready to be unleashed into the world! 

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