One Bite Pies

 It’s the perfect dessert for guests who always want “just a sliver” of pie.



Flavor Combination
Cookie + vanilla pudding + cookie + chocolate frosting
Cookie + toasted coconut mixed with coconut or vanilla pudding + cookie + whipped topping + toasted coconut
Cookie + pistachio pudding + whipped topping + chopped pistachios
Cookie + chocolate pudding + cookie + whipped topping + fresh raspberry
Cookie + lemon pudding + whipped topping + lemon segment



  1. Simply mix up your favorite instant pudding flavor (follow the pie filling instructions) and place a Small Scoop-sized dollop on a vanilla wafer cookie. If you’d like, top with a second cookie to make a sandwich. Use the Easy Accent® Decorator to add a touch of whipped topping or frosting, then top with crushed nuts or berries and you're done! We're sharing five of our favorite combinations!

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