Citrus Cheesecake Bars


  • 1/4 cup (50 mL) butter
  • 26   lemon creme-filled cookies, finely crushed (3 cups/750 mL)
    Filling & Topping
  • 2   limes
  • 3 pkg (8 oz/250 g each) cream cheese, softened
  • 3/4 cup (175 mL) sugar
  • 1 tsp (5 mL) vanilla
  • 3   eggs
  • 1 jar (10 oz/250 mL) prepared lemon curd
  • 3 tbsp (45 mL) water
  • 2 1/2 cups (625 mL) assorted fresh fruit such as kiwi slices, diced mango or blueberries


  1. Preheat oven to 350°F (180°C). In small bowl, microwave butter, uncovered, on HIGH 30-60 seconds or until melted. Add cookie crumbs; mix well. Firmly press crumb mixture into bottom of Shallow Baker

  2. For filling, zest limes to measure 2 tsp (10 mL). Juice limes to measure 3 tbsp (45 mL). In large bowl, whisk cream cheese, sugar, zest, juice and vanilla until smooth. Add eggs, whisking until just blended; spread over crust.  

  3. Bake 20-25 minutes or until center is almost set and edges are lightly browned. Remove baker from oven to cooling rack. Cool to room temperature. Refrigerate at least 3 hours. 

  4. In small bowl, combine lemon curd and water; mix until well blended. Spread evenly over cheesecake. Arrange fruit over cheesecake just before serving. Cut into 30 bars.


  • 30  servings of 1 

Nutrients per serving:

U.S. Nutrients per serving: Calories 190, Total Fat 9 g, Saturated Fat 4.5 g, Cholesterol 45 mg, Sodium 135 mg, Carbohydrate 24 g, Fiber 1 g, Protein 2 g

Cook's Tips:

 26 vanilla creme-filled cookies can be substituted for lemon creme-filled cookies.

1 jar (12 oz) apricot preserves (about 1 cup/250 mL) can be substituted for the lemon curd. In Step 4, microwave apricot preserves in a small bowl, uncovered, 30-45 seconds or until warm. (You do not need to add water.)

For a smooth cut, dip a knife into warm water and wipe it dry after each cut.

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