Edible Arrangement

This flower bouquet is just as pretty as the real thing, but it’s much more delicious. This is a great homemade Mother’s Day gift that you can have lots of fun involving the kids in. Pull out your cutting tools and favorite fruits and let your creativity run wild! There’s no wrong way to do this, but here’s how we made ours:


    The Base
  • 1   honeydew melon
  • 1   cantaloupe
  • 1   watermelon, seedless
    Grape Sticks
  • 1 bunch green seedless grapes
  • 1 bunch purple seedless grapes
  •  bamboo skewers
  •  honeydew melon
  •  watermelon
  •  blueberries
  •  bamboo skewers
    Tropical Flower
  •  mango, ripe
  •  kiwis
  •  blueberries
  •  bamboo skewers
    Creative Flower
  •  strawberries
  •  honeydew melon
  •  pineapple


  1. The Base:

    First things first, you need something sturdy to “plant” your flowers in. Bonus — this is edible!
    Cut a melon in half and remove the seeds with the Scoop Loop.
    Use a Color Coated Utility Knife to remove the skin. Place flat-side-down in the Trifle Bowl.
    The remaining half can be used to make the fruit flowers.
    Fill around the melon half with melon balls until it’s completely covered
  2. Grape Sticks:

    These grape sticks add some height and color variation to the bouquet.
    Place green and purple seedless grapes in the Close & Cut and cut in half with the Color Coated Chef’s Knife.
    Arrange grape halves on skewers as shown, alternating green and purple
  3. Tulips:

    How adorable is this tulip?!
    Cut a ½" (1 cm) segment from the melon half (use the leftovers from creating the base).
    Cut a piece from the melon using the 4" (10 cm) Biscuit Cutter, then use the 3" (7.5 cm) Biscuit Cutter to cut the piece into a moon shape.
    Cut out circles from a watermelon slice using the 3" (7.5 cm) Biscuit Cutter. Create a tulip design by cutting V shapes with the Quikut Paring Knife.
    Assemble onto a skewer as shown, using blueberries to cover the exposed portion of the skewer.
  4. Tropical Flower:

    This combo of kiwi, mango and blueberry is a delicious take on a Tropical flower.
    Cut a ripe mango into segments.
    Peel a kiwi with the Serrated Peeler, slice then cut out flower shapes with the Fruit & Cheese Cutter.
    Assemble onto a skewer as shown, topping with a blueberry for an extra-colorful finish.
  5. Creative Flower:

    This is one creative “flower” you certainly won’t find in typical fruit baskets!
    Hull strawberries with the Core & More.
    Cut out a melon circle with the 2½"  (6 cm) Biscuit Cutter, then cut a hole from the middle with the 1½" (4 cm) Biscuit Cutter.
    Repeat the process with a pineapple ring, using the 4"  (4 cm) Biscuit Cutter and 2½" (6 cm) Biscuit Cutter, respectively.

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